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Autopilot Hardware Options

This section provides information about the main ArduPilot Flight Controller Hardware options:

Open hardware

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    Pixhawk <common-pixhawk-overview>
    The Cube <common-thecube-overview>
    Pixracer <common-pixracer-overview>
    Pixhack v5 <common-pixhackV5-overview>
    Beagle Bone Blue <common-beagle-bone-blue>
    Erle-Brain <common-erle-brain-linux-autopilot>
    F4BY <common-f4by>
    OpenPilot Revolution <common-openpilot-revo-mini>
    PXFmini RPi Zero Shield <common-pxfmini>
    TauLabs Sparky2 <common-taulabs-sparky2>

Closed hardware

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    Emlid Edge <common-emlid-edge>
    NAVIO2 <common-navio2-overview>
    Furious FPV F-35 Lightning and Wing FC-10 <common-furiousfpv-f35>
    Holybro Kakute F4 <common-holybro-kakutef4>
    Intel Aero <common-intel-aero-overview>
    Intel Aero RTF vehicle <common-intel-aero-rtf>
    Mateksys F405-STD and variants <common-matekf405>
    Mateksys F405-Wing <common-matekf405-wing>
    Omnibus F4 Pro <common-omnibusf4pro>
    OmnibusNanoV6 <common-omnibusnanov6>
    Omnibus F7 <common-omnibusf7>
    Parrot C.H.U.C.K (for the Parrot Disco) <common-CHUCK-overview>
[site wiki="copter"]
Parrot Bebop Autopilot <parrot-bebop-autopilot>
SpeedyBee F4 <common-speedybeef4>

Discontinued boards

The following boards are end-of-life. The documentation is archived, but available if you're still working on those platforms: