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Autopilot Hardware Options

This section provides information about ArduPilot Autopilot Hardware options. The list below is sorted by manufacturer and product name.

Open hardware

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    ARKV6X DS-10 Pixhawk6 <>
    CUAV V5 Plus <common-cuav-v5plus-overview>
    CUAV V5 Nano <common-cuav-v5nano-overview>
    CUAV Nora <common-cuav-nora-overview>
    CUAV Pixhawk v6X <common-cuav-pixhawkv6X>
    CUAV X7/X7Pro/X7+/X7+ Pro <common-cuav-x7-family-overview>
    Drotek Pixhawk3 <>
    F4BY <common-f4by>
    CubePilot Cube Black <common-thecube-overview>
    CubePilot Cube Orange/+ <common-thecubeorange-overview>
    CubePilot Cube Purple <common-thecubepurple-overview>
    CubePilot Cube Yellow <common-thecubeyellow-overview>
    CubePilot Cube Green <>
    Holybro Durandal H7 <common-durandal-overview>
    Holybro Pix32 v5 <common-holybro-pix32v5>
    Holybro Pixhawk 4 <>
    Holybro Pixhawk6X <common-holybro-pixhawk6X>
    Holybro Pixhawk6C/ 6C Mini <common-holybro-pixhawk6C>
    Holybro Pix32v6(Pixhawk6C variant) <common-holybro-pix32v6>
    mRo Pixhawk <common-pixhawk-overview>
    mRo Pixracer <common-pixracer-overview>
    mRo X2.1 <>
    mRo X2.1-777 <>
    OpenPilot Revolution <common-openpilot-revo-mini>
    TauLabs Sparky2* <common-taulabs-sparky2>

* due to flash memory limitations, these boards do not include all ArduPilot features. See :ref:`Firmware Limitations <common-limited_firmware>` for details.

Closed hardware

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    Aerotenna Ocpoc-Zynq <>
    Airvolute DroneCore <common-airvolute-DroneCore-Suite>
    AtomRC F405-NAVI <common-atomrcf405-navi>
    Emlid NAVIO2 (Linux) <common-navio2-overview>
    Flywoo F745 AIO BL_32/ Nano <common-flywoo-f745>
    Foxeer Reaper F745-AIO V2 <common-foxeerf745aio>
    Furious FPV F-35 Lightning and Wing FC-10 <common-furiousfpv-f35>
    Holybro Kakute F4* <common-holybro-kakutef4>
    Holybro Kakute F4 Mini* <common-holybro-kakutef4-mini>
    Holybro Kakute F7 AIO* <common-holybro-kakutef7aio>
    Holybro Kakute F7 Mini* (only V1 and V2 are compatible) <common-holybro-kakutef7mini>
    Holybro Kakute H7 V1 <common-holybro-kakuteh7.rst>
    Holybro Kakute H7 V2 <common-holybro-kakuteh7-v2>
    Holybro Kakute H7 Mini v1.3 <common-holybro-kakuteh7mini-v13>
    Holybro Pixhawk 4 Mini <common-holybro-ph4mini>
    Holybro Pixhawk5X <common-holybro-ph5x>
    Horizon31 PixC4-Jetson <common-horizon31-pixc4-jetson>
    IFlight Beast F7 45A AIO <common-iflight-beastf7AIO>
    IFlight BeastH7 AIO <common-iflight-beasth7AIO>
    Mamba F405 MK2* <common-mamba405-mk2>
    Mamba MK4 F405Mini <common-mambaf405-mini>
    Mamba Basic F405 mk3 <common-mamba-basic-mk3>
    Mamba H743 v4 <common-mambaH743v4>
    MakeFlyEasy PixSurveyA1 <common-makeflyeasy-PixSurveyA1>
    MakeFlyEasy PixSurveyA1-IND <common-makeflyeasy-PixSurveyA1-IND>
    MakeFlyEasy PixSurveyA2 <common-makeflyeasy-PixSurveyA2>
    MakeFlyEasy PixPilot-V3 <common-makeflyeasy-PixPilot-V3>
    MakeFlyEasy PixPilot-V6 <common-makeflyeasy-PixPilot-V6>
    Mateksys F405 TE Family <common-matekf405-te>
    Mateksys H743-Wing/MINI/SLIM/WLITE <common-matekh743-wing>
    ModalAI Flight core <>
    mRo ControlZero F7 <common-mro-control-zero-F7>
    mRo Pixracer Pro (H7) <common-pixracer-pro>
    mRo Nexus <common-mro-nexus>
    Omnibus F4 AIO/Pro* <common-omnibusf4pro>
    OmnibusNanoV6 <common-omnibusnanov6>
    Omnibus F7V2* <common-omnibusf7>
    ThePeach FCC-K1 <common-thepeach-k1>
    ThePeach FCC-R1 <common-thepeach-r1>
[site wiki="copter"]
Parrot Bebop Autopilot <parrot-bebop-autopilot>
Parrot C.H.U.C.K <common-CHUCK-overview> RadioLink MiniPix <common-radiolink-minipix> QioTek Zealot F427 <common-qiotek-zealot> QioTek Zealot H743 <common-qiotek-zealoth7> Sky-Drones AIRLink <common-skydrones-airlink> SkystarsH7HD <common-skystarsH7> SPRacing H7 Extreme <common-spracingh7-extreme> Swan-K1 <common-Swan-K1> SpeedyBee F4 (this board currently is non-verified) <common-speedybeef4> SpeedyBee F4 V3 <common-speedybeef4-v3> SpeedyBeeF405WING <common-speedybeef405wing> VR Brain 5 <> VR uBrain 5.1 <>

* due to flash memory limitations, these boards do not include all ArduPilot features. See :ref:`Firmware Limitations <common-limited_firmware>` for details.

Linux Based Autopilots

These autopilots using an underlying Linux OS. Linux boards usually have more CPU power and memory many of the other boards listed on this page, but do not support DShot, Bi-Directional DShot, BLHeli ESC passthrough, many of the ArduPilot GPIO based features, and easy upload from the ground stations. They do allow experimentation and development of advanced control and navigation algorithms (see also :ref:`common-companion-computers`).

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    BBBMini** (Linux) <>
    Beagle Bone Blue (Linux) <common-beagle-bone-blue>
    Blue Robotics Navigator** (Linux) <>
    Obal Board (Linux) <common-obal-overview>
    PocketPilot** (Linux) <>

** these devices are sensor add-on boards for a Linux-based microcomputer. See board links for details.


For more information on using ArduPilot on Linux based boards, see :ref:`building-the-code`

Firmware Limitations

Some boards have features removed in order to fit the firmware into their memory capacity. See the section below:

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    Firmware Limitations <common-limited-firmware>


If a board has a missing feature that is required by the user, building a custom firmware using the ArduPilot Custom Firmware Build Server can be used to create firmware which drops features not needed and adding desired features back into the firmware in that freed space.

Discontinued boards

The following boards are no longer produced, however documentation is still available in the wiki or online, and recent builds are still expected to work. These boards are not recommended for new projects.

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    CUAV V5 <common-pixhackV5-overview>
    Emlid Edge <common-emlid-edge>
    Erle PXFmini RPi Zero Shield <common-pxfmini>
    Erle ErleBrain <common-erle-brain-linux-autopilot>
    Holybro Kakute H7 Mini <common-holybro-kakuteh7mini.rst>
    Intel Aero <common-intel-aero-overview>
    Intel Aero RTF vehicle <common-intel-aero-rtf>
    Mateksys F405-SE <common-matekf405-se>
    Mateksys F405-STD and variants* <common-matekf405>
    Mateksys F405-Wing <common-matekf405-wing>
    Mateksys F765-Wing <common-matekf765-wing>
    Mateksys F765-WSE <common-matekf765-wse>

The following boards are no longer supported. The documentation is :ref:`archived<common-archived-topics>`, but available if you're still working on those platforms:

  • APM 2.x (APM 2.6 and later) are no longer supported for Copter, Plane or Rover. The last firmware builds that fit on this board are Copter 3.2.1, and Plane 3.4.0, and Rover 2.5.1.
  • NAVIO+
  • PX4FMU
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight Kit


Schematics for some of the "Open hardware" autopilots can be found here

[copywiki destination="plane,copter,rover,blimp"]