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Traditional Helicopters


Copter supports traditional single rotor, tandem rotor and collective pitch quad rotor helicopters including all the same features as multicopters. The majority of the set-up is the same as for multicopters but please follow the links at the bottom of the page, or in the sidebar, for helicopter specific information.

Demonstation of a real-world commercial flight with a Trex 600 helicopter flown with the ArduPilot system, including additional add-on RC telemetry and FPV.

..  youtube:: FWTb2-sdNW8

Demonstration of a Gaui GX9 pre-flight and being flown with ArduPilot by the Canberra Team in Australia.

..  youtube:: 2xvQvZl8eJc

.. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 1

    Suggested Parts List <traditional-heli-parts-list>
    Loading the Firmware <loading-the-code>
    Mounting the Pixhawk <trad-heli-mounting>
    Connecting and Calibration <traditional-helicopter-connecting-apm>
    ArduPilot Helicopter Ground School <traditional-helicopter-configuration>
    Pre-Flight Testing <trad-heli-preflight-testing>
    Tuning <traditional-helicopter-tuning>
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