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Companion computer startup scripts and examples.

This repo is where you can contribute both feedback about (issues) and improvements to (PRs) ArduPilot companion computer support.

Repo organisation

This repository is organized by board and then by OS. It follows the following structure:

  |     |___OS1
  |     |___OS2

Key links

Roadmap (always subject to change!)

2017-PRIME CUAV Allow flashing of firmware via APWeb Will require users to reflash their bootloader Get GPS accuracies into place TX1 Base on JetPack 3.2 Kernel patches for OpenKAI to work Kernel patches for serial to work Edison Attempt to fix USB OTG issue Fix Uptime entry in System Information APWeb tab

2017-PRIMEPRIME SmartShots APWeb to drop privs Multipe IMUs on system tab Reinstate Map tab Reinstate motor-test tab mavlink2 support parameters should be updated in parameters.html if we receive a param_value message

2017-PRIMEPRIMEPRIME Multi-Camera-Daemon Graph multiple sensors in Calibration screen OpenKAI

2018-? Support for returning password in system.html - requires TX1's Ubuntu to have an nmcli that supports -s properly

Ask people if they would update their bootloader

  • at the risk of needing JTAG to recover their boards
  • but with the possibility of updating their PixHawk over serial


Companion computer startup scripts and examples




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