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pymavlink Examples

File Description Demonstrates creating a mavlink message, putting it on a buffer and then decoding from said buffer. Check bandwith of link. Display results on terminal. Show accelerometer calibration for a set of logs. Set the Stream Rate on an APM. Rotate APMs on bench to test magnetometers. Connect as a client to two tcpip ports on localhost with mavlink packets. Pass them both directions, and show packets in human-readable format on-screen. Packetizes a binary MAVLink stream. The resulting packets are stored into a PCAP file, which is compatible to tools like Wireshark. Extract GPS data from a waypoint file, and create a GPX file, for loading into Google Earth. Allows connection of the uBlox u-Center software to a uBlox GPS device connected to a PX4 or Pixhawk device, using Mavlink's SERIAL_CONTROL support to route serial traffic to/from the GPS, and exposing the data to u-Center via a local TCP connection. Test mavlink messages.
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