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Arduboy game

Version 2.50:

Using Arduino 1.6.12 and Arduboy2 Library.

Added savegame support to the game. Save game in Pause-screen. Load game from main-screen. Moved EEPROM-address to 900, to minimize the chance of colliding with other games. Updated the code and fixed some issues.

Version 2.00:

Using Arduino 1.6.12 and Arduboy2 Library.

Updated to have more kinds of enemies, more things to find in the maze, like apples, coffee, flowers, potion and extra lives. Beware of the skull enemy, not easy to kill!

Version 1.00:

Using Arduino 1.6.12 and Arduboy Lib 1.1.1.

It is an action game inspired by the ZX Spectrum game "Sabre Wulf".

You run around in the maze, fighting monsters. There is 4 keys to be found to open the door to freedom.


  • UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT: Move Indy.
  • B: Fencing with the monsters. Beware you just cannot be fencing all the time without being tired in your arm!
  • A: Pause the game.


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