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Castlevania-like game for the Arduboy.

A game by @ZappedCow and @Increment.

.arduboy file: castleboy_1_0.arduboy

Hacking the game

How to regenerate assets

Assets (sprites + maps) can be generated by executing the gen_assets.bat script. Bitmap generation uses img2ard Ruby script made by yyyc514 and requires the chunky_png gem.

Here is a small guide about how to install Ruby and the chunky_ong gem on Windows:

  1. Download the Ruby installer
  2. In the installer check 'Add Ruby executables to your PATH' before clicking 'Install'
  3. Once ruby is installed open a shell (cmd) and type the following commands to install the chunky_png gem:
gem sources -a
gem install chunky_png
gem sources -r

This is unfortunatly needed to go around this problem

Map editing

Maps can be edited with TilEd. Each map has two layers: main and background. All entities and solide tiles must be put on the main layer. Background tiles such as grave and chains should be put on the background layer.

When loading a map the default selected layer is the background layer (first layer). Don't forget to select the main layer before adding solid tiles and entities!


Cheating is very useful for debugging. Cheating can be enabled by uncommenting line 15 of Global.h (#define DEBUG_CHEAT). When cheat mode is enabled it is possible to:

  • press A+B+UP to go to the next stage
  • press A+B+DOWN to reset the current stage
  • press A+B+LEFT to load the test stage (map/stage_test.json).


Castlevania demake for the Arduboy




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