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A simple memory game similar to Simon(tm).


The game starts at level one by showing one of the 6 buttons on the screen and playing an associated tone. Your job is to repeat the button press.

At each level a new button is added to the sequence. So by level 5 the Arduboy will display a sequence of five buttons and play their associated tones and you'll have to repeat the sequence of 5.

There's currently no penalty for getting it wrong. You get as many tries as you like.

You advance levels by successfully repeating the sequence that the Arduboy plays.

How far can you get??


From GitHub


Arduino IDE

  1. Make a folder named nomis in your Sketchbook folder.
  2. Copy files nomis.h and nomis.cpp into the nomis folder.
  3. Copy file main.ino into the nomis folder and rename it to nomis.ino.


  1. platformio run --target upload


Nomis was developed with Platformio

Work In Progress

Iteration 0 -- Done!

There's nothing to play. It just runs thru a demo of the various pieces.

Iteration 1 <--- We Are Here (Jun 16, 2016)

  • The game is playable. Might be some bugs. Pretty bare bones.

Iteration N (Coming Soon)

  • Instructions
  • Better graphics
    • Game Logo
    • Success/Fail screens
    • Dev Logo
  • Menu for...
    • Settings
      • Sound Only
      • Visual Only
      • Both
    • Modes
      • Additive (default)
      • Random
  • Scores?
  • Pause between levels for user input
    • Continue or Quit