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Glove - Arcade-style Action Adventure!

###Description Glove is an action-adventure game created in the style of the classic Gauntlet series. Navigate from room to room, blasting bad guys and collecting treasure along the way.

###Instructions Clear the rooms, gather treasure and get to the finish! There are many different paths to take; some more difficult, some more rewarding. Time is health; running out will result in a Game Over.



  • Download the source code ZIP
  • Rename the extracted "glove-master" folder to "glove"
  • Open Glove.ino with Arduino IDE 1.6.8+
  • Click the upload button to install to your Arduboy


  • Press the A button to fire your blaster!
  • To delete your save file, hold left+right and press A at the Records menu.
  • To pause the game, turn off your Arduboy. To resume, select Continue at the main menu.

###Bestiary Alt text You - Your objective is to gather treasure, defeat bad guys, and race to the finish!
Alt text Alt text Wall - These block your path. Sometimes, a key can make certain walls disappear!
Alt text Bad Guy - These things hurt you just by touching you! Shoot to eliminate them!
Alt text Spawner - These tiles routinely spawn bad guys. Shoot them to stop 'em, and net 100 points!
Alt text Chalice - Collect for 600 points.
Alt text Gold - Collect for 1000 points.
Alt text Lemon - Looks like a sandwich to some. Recover 300 health.
Alt text Poo - Touch to destroy all bad guys on the field.
Alt text Key - Conceptually more like a button. Grab it to make a wall disappear.
Alt text Exit - The most interesting beast of them all! While visibly identical, their wild personalities often lead you to where you would least expect!

###Note from the Developer I've got a challenge for you: Can you discover and conquer all 30 rooms? If you manage to do so, send me a picture and I'll send you a nifty gift!
UPDATE: GloveEdit, the Glove level editor has been unlocked. Check it out!


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