I'm bored, and I have an arduboy. Yay!
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Ardusweeper (let's call this version 1.0)

in-game screen won screen

A simple minesweeper for arduboy.

  • A grid of 15 * 9,
  • Three levels of difficulty: easy (15 mines), medium (25) and hard (35),
  • Awesome old-school mutable sound effects (because I can't do sound design),
  • Vastly uncommented code (because apparently, I can't really code),
  • Incredible art!
  • Fast mode!
    • Flagging an open tile will click all non-flagged surrounding tiles. It's faster, it's also deadlier. If you're scared, you can deactivate it in the menu.
  • Best times saved on the EEPROM, yay!
    • Press LEFT or RIGHT on the main menu to see them. In there, press both UP and DOWN to erase them.


  • Move with the D-Pad
  • Left button opens a tile
  • Right button flags a tile
  • A and B validate in the menus

technical stuff

Each tile is represented by a byte:

1....... tile has a mine
.1...... tile has been opened
..1..... tile has been flagged
...x.... unused, waste of valuable space
....1111 number of surrounding mines (0 to 8)

What's new

Reverted to latest released version of the library.


  • Comments. Comments, comments, and comments.
  • Maybe get some kind of debug mode?
  • Better README (not gonna happen)
  • Diagonals?

Note: great thanks to http://fuopy.github.io/arduboy-image-converter/