Pocket PDA is an OS for the Arduboy with PDA utilities.
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Pocket PDA

Copyright (C) 2017 Wang Renxin. All rights reserved.

Creative Commons License


Pocket PDA is an OS for the Arduboy with some useful utilities, which turns your Arduboy into a PDA.

Remember the PocketStation?


1. Use the precompiled

  • Use an Arduboy uploader to upload the /out/pocket_pda.hex to your Arduboy.
  • Or use an Arduboy manager to upload the /out/pocket_pda.arduboy package.

2. Use the sketch

  • Make sure you have the Arduino IDE installed and the Arduboy board package installed and selected.
  • Open the /pocket_pda/pocket_pda.ino sketch with the Arduino IDE.
  • Compile and upload the sketch.


1. Calculator

A basic math calculator App.

  • D-Pad to move the cursor.
  • A to press a button.
  • B to clear result, or exit the App if not resulted.

2. Flashlight

A flashlight App.

  • UP/DOWN to modify flash interval.
  • A to toggle flash.
  • B to exit the App.

3. Exchange Rate

An exchange rate App.

  • B to exit the App.

4. Chronograph

A chronograph App.

  • A to start or stop ticking.
  • B to clear record, or exit the App if no record.

It can ticks at background.

5. Countdown

A countdown App.

  • UP/DOWN to modify the time set.
  • LEFT/RIGHT to move the cursor.
  • A to toggle start/paused ticking.
  • B to exit the App.

It turns to the flashlight screen when timeout.

It can ticks at background.

6. Calendar

A calendar App.

  • UP/DOWN to change month.
  • LEFT/RIGHT to change year.
  • B to exit the App.

7. Controller

A simulated keyboard App, can be used as a game controller.

  • D-Pad to simulate the arrow keys.
  • A to simulate the HOME key.
  • B to simulate the END key.

Hold all keys to exit the controller App.