Adafruit GFX Based for 5x7 FlipDot Breakout Board
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FlipDot 5x7-Controller

Adafruit GFX based Library for 5x7 FlipDot breakout board which can be purchased at HannIO.


Note the silkscreen error on some PCBs. Correct pinout is 12V|12V|GND|SDA|SCL|GND|LAT|5V|OUT For soldering instructions and further connection hints including daisychaining see connection diagram.

With Arduino on PCB (deprecated)

Solder the Arduino with the USB-Jack to the outside. Use the Graphic-Test sketch to test your PCB, connect 12V. For connecting more than one PCB, flash the Slave-Sketch to the other Arduinos. Then jumper SDA, SCL, 12V and GND.

With 595-ShiftRegisters (new version)

Flash ShiftRegister from examples to your Arduino, instructions are in sketch.