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CanHackMe - Jeopardy CTF Platform
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CanHackMe is jeopardy CTF platform.

This platform tested on Ubuntu 16.04 + Apache 2.4 + PHP 7.3.

How to set-up?

  1. Install Apache 2.4. .htaccess file is not available with other software.

  2. Install PHP 7.3. Lower versions are not supported.

  3. Install php-sqlite3 and php-mbstrings modules.

  4. Set permission to access SQLite database file (default: /@import/confs/.common.db).

  5. Modify /@import/confs/common.php, .hash_salt.txt, .recaptcha_secretkey.txt, .wechall_authkey.txt file. Make sure to change the hash salt (__HASH_SALT__) to a long random string. Don't make it public.

  6. Register an account of administrator at the website.

  7. You must access the sqlite database directly to add notifications and challenges.

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