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Table of contents


Arelle is an end-to-end open source XBRL platform, which provides the XBRL community with an easy to use set of tools. It supports XBRL and its extension features in an extensible manner. It does this in a compact yet robust framework that can be used as a desktop application and can be integrated with other applications and languages utilizing its web service.


  • Support for XBRL versioning. Validation tool for versioning reports and a production tool to generate the basics of a versioning report that can be inferred by diffing two DTSs.
  • Edgar and Global Filer Manual validation
  • Base Specification, Dimensions, Generic linkbase validation
  • Formula validation including support for extension modules
  • Instance creation is supported using forms defined by the table linkbase (Eurofiling version).
  • RSS Watch facility
  • Users can explore the functionality and features from an interactive GUI, command line interface, or web services, and can develop their own controller interfaces as needed.
  • The Web Service API allows XBRL integration with applications, such as those in Excel, Java or Oracle.
  • QuickBooks is supported by XBRL-GL.


The implementation is in Python >= 3.7 and is intended for Windows, macOS, or Linux (tested against Ubuntu and RHEL). The standard desktop installation includes a GUI, a RESTful web server, and CLI. We try to support all operating system versions that still receive security updates from their development teams.

Install PyPI package

The Arelle python package defines optional extra dependencies for various plugins and use cases.

  • Crypto (security plugin dependencies)
  • DB (database plugin dependencies)
  • EFM (EdgarRenderer plugin dependencies - does not include the EdgarRenderer, just the dependencies required to run it)
  • ObjectMaker (ObjectMaker plugin dependencies)
  • WebServer (dependencies for running the Arelle web server)
pip install arelle-release
# or for all extra dependencies
pip install arelle-release[Crypto,DB,EFM,ObjectMaker,WebServer]

Install development version from GitHub

pip install git+

Install distributions

Distributions are self contained builds that come bundled with their own Python runtime and resources needed to run Arelle.

Distributions are provided for the following operating systems:

  • Windows
  • macOS (Intel)
  • Linux (Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

Distributions can be downloaded from:

Reporting issues

Please report issues to the issue tracker.

  • Check that the issue has not already been reported.
  • Check that the issue has not already been fixed in the latest code.
  • Be clear and precise (do not prose, but name functions and commands exactly).
  • Include the version of Arelle.

Contribution guidelines

If you want to contribute to Arelle, be sure to review the contribution guidelines.


Apache License 2.0