0.2 test branch questions to answer

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0.2 test branch questions to answer

more-graphics & house-bolts

  • Do the house color bolts function as expected? (Final confirmation for House-Colored Electric Bolts)

    Yes. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • Do normal bolts still function as expected?

    Yes. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • Are there any unexpected slow-downs or lag?

    Didn't notice any. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

    Fully tested both online and offline. _- YR Modder

  • Are there any other noticeable issues, for example to other directed energy effects? (Prisms, Disruptors/Magnetrons, Sonic Wave)

    Didn't notice any. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable


  • Does IFV Temporal mobile fire work as expected now?

    It works properly now. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

    Yes, it works. - SpeederMO

ft-carryall & abductor-fixes

Aside from the overall interaction between Carryalls and Abductors, the following situations should be tested in particular:

  • How does the game react to/treat objects declared as Carryalls with abductor weaponry?

    It still treats them as Carryalls. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • Do abductees and carry-ees block each other?

    No. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • What happens when an Abductor abducts a Carryall carrying a unit?

    It can't abduct it unless it can attack air units (the game treats a Carryall holding a unit as an air unit, probably because it didn't land to the ground properly). If it can attack air, it abducts it without any problems. On release, it flies from the abductor to a nearby cell and puts the carried unit there, after which it lands on another nearby cell.

    Even funnier, Abductor Carryall carrying a unit will drop the unit on a parachute when trying to abduct something. The abducted unit will be carrier as if picked up normally.

    Inception! - Abductor Carryall carrying an Abductor Carryall can get abducted by another Abductor Carryall without any problems! However, its shadow will stay on the cell it was abducted from... - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • What happens when an Abductor abducts an airborne Carryall carrying a unit?

    It abducts it without any problems. Also, see above. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • What happens when said Abductor releases its victims? (In particular, does it release both units individually or joined?)

    Joined. Carryall carrying a unit is released still carrying that unit. However... When the Carryall that abducted the Carryall that abducted the Carryall (i love how it looks) landed, it released both Carryalls at once, instead of a Carryall that carries a Carryall. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • What happens when a Carryall is abducted right before or during merging?

    It gets abducted alone, without any problems. It still functions properly after unloading. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable


  • Does this actually work for all intended unit types?

    Yup. -Graion

abductor-fixes & various-fixes

  • What happens when an Abductor-weapon strikes a destroyable cliff?

    Destroyable cliffs are destroyed (Abductor=yes is ignored). - FS-21

  • What happens when a unit with an Ivan Bomb attached to it gets abducted?

    Same thing that happens when a unit with an Ivan Bomb enters a normal transport - it enters it without any problems, and the bomb is still active on the unit (but not on the transport). - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • When does the bomb finally explode?

    On exit, if its time ran out while in the transport, otherwise it explodes normally. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • Does mobile firing work properly with abductor weapons?

    Yes. - MalwareEnhancedVirusIsTrustedAndReliable

  • How does the AI handle Abductors?

    The AI doesn't care about filling an Abductor/releasing it, it uses them like an ordinary unit. -Graion