Public contributions and extra plugins for AresMUSH game server.
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AresMUSH Extras

Public contributions and extra plugins for AresMUSH game server.

The README file in each folder contains details about each item.

Contribution Guidlines

See the AresMUSH submission guidelines if you want to contribute your own plugins or extras.

Supported Plugins

These plugins are not part of the Ares core release, but are still officially supported. They can be installed easily using the add-plugin script, as described in Ares Extras.

  • Cortex - The Cortex RPG system - chargen and skill rolls.
  • Fate - The Fate RPG system - chargen and skill rolls.
  • FFG Genesys/Star Wars - The Fantasy Flight Games Genesys RPG system - chargen and skill rolls. Genesys is very close to the FFG Star Wars system, and a Star Wars configuration is available.
  • Traits - A simple descriptive traits system.
  • Roleplay Prefs - Roleplay preference tracking.

Community Plugins

These plugins have been contributed by the community. See the guidelines in Ares Extras if you want to create a plugin for this archive.

  • Coming Soon (we hope)


Snippets are not complete plugins, but code examples of how to do various things.

  • Cropped Log Icons - Auto crop log icons to fit. (by skew@AresCentral)
  • Multiple Connect Screens - Allow the game to cycle through multiple connect screens. (by @TheStranjer)

Archived Items

These items are not supported, and may even be based off of an old version of AresMUSH. They will require some code effort to get working, but you can still try or just use them for ideas.

  • Teamup Events - An events system that integrates with the web-based Teamup calendar.
  • Wikidot - Adding characters and scenes to a Wikidot wiki.
  • Wiki Migrate - Some code snippets to help migrate logs from a Wikidot wiki to Ares' web portal.