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  • Greatly overhauled BAM Converter:
    • Added alpha palette support. Enabled for games that support BAM with alpha palette.
    • Improved visualization of palette in BAM palette dialog.
    • Added a global palette sorting option.
    • Fixed various color filters to work correctly with alpha-blended BAM frames.
    • Improved GIF import function. It should now correctly handle more advanced structures in animated GIFs.
  • Improved alpha palette support in BAM decoder.
  • Overhauled color reduction functionality: Improves visual quality of converted palette-based BAM, MOS and TIS files.
  • Added a button to ARE > Actor > Animation field for opening creature animation definition files of selected type, if available.
  • Added missing field "First letter of CRE resref" to ARE > Actor structure.
  • Removed fields from GAM NPC substructures that are not used by the games.
  • Fixed area-related field labels in GAM structure.
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