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Release v1.4.1.0

@osnwt osnwt released this
· 5 commits to master since this release
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What's new

This release includes the following minor changes:

  • BIP44 coin code changed to a registered one for Argoneum
  • added natural sort of masternode list by IP address
  • renamed distributed Linux binary releases

This release is a recommended update for HD wallet owners (see below) and is optional for others.

BIP44 coin type changes the HD wallet address chain. Now the same mnemonic phrase will generate another chain of addresses. Old HD wallets will continue working, but cannot be recreated again using the same seed phrase.

This only makes sense for those who explicitly enabled HD wallet in configuration (usehd=1) and saved a seed phrase. If you did not enable this, you don't have to worry or upgrade to this version.

Masternodes can be sorted in the list by their IP in a numerical order, not a lexical one. So address will follow, not vice versa.

Finally, this version renames binary releases using proper architecture dependant names for linux.

HD wallet owners: update your wallets

If you use HD wallet, it is recommended to save old wallet.dat, then recreate a new one with version 1.4.1 using same or another seed phrase, then send all coins to new addresses and reinstall existing masternodes (since collaterals were moved). This was a necessary step to submit few changes to payment server repositories to support Argoneum.