Show battery time remaining in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion as a menu extra
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Battery Time Remaining.xcodeproj
Battery Time Remaining

Battery Time Remaining

Battery Time Remaining shows your battery's estimated time at the top of your screen in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. This version, a fork of the original, is implemented as an NSMenuExtra, so you can re-arrange it in the menu bar by holding the command key and dragging, just like Apple's original implementation.

This version does not intend to replace the original Battery Time Remaining, as it is not App Store-safe. This is just for those who would like to be able to re-arrange the status item to their hearts' content!

This version also has slightly different strings to more closely match Apple's version. I may have broken the localization; if the menu extra doesn't show up in your language, let me know.

Normal mode

Why does this project exist?

Apple removed the option to show the remaining battery time in the menu bar since the release of Mountain Lion. This project restores the functionality.

How do I install it?

Two options:

  • Download latest version, unzip and follow the instructions
  • Download the source here from GitHub and compile it with Xcode

Who made this app?

Change log

2012-11-17 - NSMenuExtra fork v1.0.1 - Fix menu extra display bug

2012-11-17 - NSMenuExtra fork v1.0

2012-11-01 - v1.6.1 - diff

2012-10-03 - v1.6 - diff

2012-08-29 - v1.5.2 - diff

2012-08-25 - v1.5.1 - diff

2012-08-19 - v1.5 - diff

2012-08-15 - v1.4 - diff

2012-08-12 - v1.3 - diff

  • Added check for updates (codler)
  • Display battery percentage left in menu (codler #6)

2012-08-09 - v1.2.1 (signed app) - diff

  • Added notifications (codler)
  • Added open energy saver preferences option (codler)

2012-08-08 - v1.2 (signed app) - diff

  • From now on the app will always be signed. (codler #3)
  • Added higher resolution app icon (codler)

2012-08-06 - v1.1.1 (unsigned app) - diff

2012-08-05 - v1.1 (unsigned app) - diff

2012-08-01 - v1.0 (unsigned app)