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Ari[Typhoon Teaser] Terms of Service

07 April 2022

Please take some time to review this information.

By commissioning me (Ari), you (the client) agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms are subject to change. Changes to these terms will not apply to commissions made prior to said changes unless otherwise discussed. Alterations to these terms must be negotiated prior to payment. Unless expressly agreed to, I will not adhere to your personal "commissioning terms of service".

Violating these terms may result in you being added to a denylist. Other artists may also be made aware in the case of more egregious behavior.

Special offers (such as YCH, auctions, or themed specials) may come along with additional terms and conditions that take precedence over these. Be sure to read the entirety of the post in which these offers are made.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me:
Discord: TyphoonTeaser#1584

Prices and Payment

Payments are made through Stripe invoice preferably.
This can be paid with debit or credit card and OXXO. No need to create any kind of online account.

  • All prices are listed in USD. Please be mindful of conversion rates.
  • I will cover Stripe transfer and related fees.
  • Do NOT send payment before your commission is accepted, and the invoice is sent.
  • Any money sent that is not associated with an invoice will be considered a tip.
  • I may accept alternative payment methods if stated beforehand.
  • I may change the price of the commission based on it's complexity.

All my pricings listed are subject to change.

  • Invoices I had previously sent will not be affected by price changes until they expire.
  • I have the final say in what the image costs. I will not negotiate.

Requests Restrictions and Recommendations

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission for any reason without explanation.
  • I will not accept commissions that are racist, hateful, or intended to insult or harm others.
  • I will not accept requests to copy the style of another artist.

To minimize confusion and ensure that you get what you want, consider the following when you commission me:

  • Feel free to give me creative freedom if you don't have ideas for the commission.
  • Always include visual references, even if they are just results from image searches. If you expect me to search for references myself, I may get very different results than what you had hoped for.
  • When describing details in text, bulleted lists are easier for me to wrap my head around than large paragraphs.
  • If you can't decide on a pose or expression, provide a description about the character.
  • Feel free to emphasize if there are aspects of your character that other artists often forget or misrepresent.
  • Let me know if you're hoping for the drawing to have a specific resolution, aspect ratio or file format.
  • Understand that my request restrictions are not exhaustive. Be absolutely clear when providing details for your commission.

Conduct and Process

Once you submit a commission and I accept it, we will follow this process:

  1. We will discuss the details of the commission and pricing.
  2. Once details are confirmed, I will invoice you.
  3. After payment has been received, I will begin drafting.
  4. I will send you the draft for your review and approval.
  5. I will begin work on finishing the commission.
  6. I may occasionally send you WIPs to show progress.
  • Depending on the work at hand, edits may be possible. It depends on the request.
  • Any oversights I make during the process will be tended to the best way possible.
  1. Once finished, a link with the artwork will be messaged to you at its highest resolution as a PNG file
  2. Unless negotiated otherwise, the finished commission will be uploaded.
  • Refunds are no longer offered at this point.

If you fail to respond to me for 3 days, I will work to completion with the information given to me. I will do my best to contact you through any other means that I can think of. Should the commission not be paid within a week, it will be canceled.

You may ask for "Work In Progress" images, progress updates and time estimates. I will notify you if there will be a delay on the expected delivery.

Refunds and Cancellations

I reserve the right to decline or cancel a commission for any reason, without explanation. This includes attempting to add to the commission well outside of the original request. If I cancel your commission, you will receive a partial refund. In rare circumstances I may provide a full refund.

It will be partial unless I have yet to begin work past the rough sketch step.

You may request a refund at any time. It will be partial unless I have yet to begin work. Partial refunds are the difference in what you paid and what I worked up to.
Previous transaction fees (around 5%) will be deducted from the refund.

Do NOT file a chargeback as a means to receive a refund. Contact me instead so that I may start the refund process.

If a chargeback is filed against me without my consent:

  • You will be forbidden from ever commissioning me in the future.
  • You will relinquish ALL rights granted by me to use my work, both commercially and non-commercially.
  • All correspondence between us may be shared with other artists, with Stripe during dispute resolution, and even publicly at my own discretion.

Rights to Use my Work

You are paying me for the time, resources, and tools used for creating your custom artwork, not for the artwork itself or anything it depicts. You may purchase the copyright or any additional rights from me separately at a significantly increased price.

Unless otherwise stated by me, the following permissions and restrictions apply to anything I create at the time of creation, and updates to these terms do not apply to previous creations.

I, the artist, ...

  • ...may distribute my work freely and at my own discretion.
  • You may request that I not share the work for up to two months.
  • You may also request that I keep a work private indefinitely, for an additional fee of 15%.
  • ...may use my work for commercial purposes, unless you purchase those rights from me, in which case I shall NOT do so.
  • ...shall NOT claim your characters or ideas as my own.

You, the client, ...

  • ...may share WIPs during the commission process.
    • Note: The rights that follow do NOT apply to WIPs unless I expressly agree to it. Feel free to contact me for permission.
  • ...may repost my work on the condition that it is posted with credit to me, consisting of my name and a link directing to one of my profiles or galleries.
  • ...may crop and resize my work for use as a personal avatar without credit.
  • ...may use for Telegram sticker on the condition that a sticker to credit is included in thee pack.
  • ...may use my work for badges and emoji on Twitch on the condition that credit is given to me in your channel info.
  • ...may crop and resize my work for use as emoji elsewhere without credit, and may grant others permission to do the same.
    • If you'd like to restrict who may do this, you yourself must enforce it.
  • ...may edit my work, or have others edit my work, on the condition that you state clearly that it is derivative of my work and NOT a collaboration, link directly to the original as posted publicly by me, and notify me about the edit.
    • This does NOT grant you permission to remove my signature/watermark, but you may add your own as well.
    • Selling such a derivative work is NEVER permitted.
    • If the original is not publicly posted by me, a link to one of my profiles or galleries is acceptable.

Anyone, including the client, ...

  • ...may print out my work for personal non-commercial purposes.

  • ...may trace my work on the condition that they link directly to the original as posted publicly by me if the derivative work is ever shared.

  • Selling such a derivative work is NEVER permitted.

    • If the original is not publicly posted by me, a link to one of my profiles or galleries is acceptable.
  • ...shall NOT remove or obfuscate my signature/watermark without prior permission, or take credit for creating my work. This would be considered theft.

  • ...shall NOT mass-produce or sell items that include my work or otherwise use my work to gain profit without first acquiring written permission from me and all other copyright holders who may have their property depicted in the work.

    • This permission from me comes at an additional charge. Feel free to contact me for more info.


You may request to remain anonymous during and after the process, in which case I will use a random placeholder name while publicly referring to your slot in my queue. I may keep records for my own use (including names, invoices, contact information, and correspondence), but they shall not be divulged to anyone else unless my terms are violated, or I am required to do so by law.