Simple sensor board with EMW3165 module
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EMW3165 sensor board

Kicad stuff for EMW3165 based sensor board v2. This small board has:

  • EMW3165 module
  • Connector for 1-wire sensors
  • SWD connector for programming
  • Two alternative power supplies (solder only one):
    • MCP1640 step-up converter, provides 3.3V from 2 AA batteries
    • MAX604 LDO regulator, provides 3.3V from 3 AAA batteries or from console FTDI

I have written two firmware alternatives for board. First is emw-meter, which displays temperatures and house power usage. Second is emw-sensor, which uses 1-wire devices to measure temperature and send it to MQTT server.

This is Open Source Hardware, licensed under CC-BY 4.0. There are some notes about the board in my blog.