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Aria project is from the moment taht the work encountered in a file download management needs adn i was tortured at the time of the pain.
Since then i have a idea which is to program a simple and easy to use,stable and efficient download framework. Aria experienced 1.0 to 3.0 development, be more and more close to the original set by the target.

Aria has the following characteristics:

How do we to use Aria?

If you feel that Aria is helpful to you, your star and issues will be the greatest support for me.^_^


Download Download

compile 'com.arialyy.aria:aria-core:3.2.0'
annotationProcessor 'com.arialyy.aria:aria-compiler:3.2.0'

For example

Multi-task download download speed limit


Performance display


Since Aria involves the operation of files and networks, you need to add the following permissions to the manifest file.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET"/>
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"/>

Use Aria to download

  • Add a task (do not download), when other download tasks are completed, will automatically download the waiting task
        .setDownloadPath(DOWNLOAD_PATH)	//file save path
  • download
        .load(DOWNLOAD_URL)     //load download url
        .setDownloadPath(DOWNLOAD_PATH)    //file save path
        .start();   //start download
  • Pause;
  • Resume download;
  • Cancel download;


If you want to read the download progress or download the information, then you need to create an event class and register the event class into the Aria manager in the onResume (Activity, Fragment) or constructor (Dialog, PopupWindow).

  1. Register the object to Aria; or Aria.upload(this).register();

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
  1. Use@Download or @Upload to annotate your function

    • Annotation is done by using Apt, so you do not need to worry that this will affect your machine's performance
    • The annotated methodcan not be modified by private
    • The annotated methodcan have only one argument, and the parameter type must be eitherDownloadTask or UploadTask
    • Method name can be any string
  2. In addition to using annotation methods in widget (Activity, Fragment, Dialog, Popupwindow), you can also use annotation functions in components such as Service, Notification, and so on.

protected void onPre(DownloadTask task) {}

void taskStart(DownloadTask task) {}

protected void running(DownloadTask task) {}

void taskResume(DownloadTask task) {}

void taskStop(DownloadTask task) {}

void taskCancel(DownloadTask task) {}

void taskFail(DownloadTask task) {}

void taskComplete(DownloadTask task) {}

public void onNoSupportBreakPoint(DownloadTask task) {}
  1. If you want to set up a listener for a single task, or for some specific task.
    Adding a download address for a task in an annotation means that only the task triggers the annotated method.
 }) void taskRunning(DownloadTask task) {

In the above example,only the download address ishttps://test.xx.apk and http://test.xx2.apkwill trigger thetaskRunning(DownloadTask task)method。


Configuration file setting parameters

Set the parameters in the code

In addition to the file mode to modify the Aria parameter, the same, you can also modify the code in the Aria parameters
Get the configuration file directly throughAria.get(this).getDownloadConfig()orAria.get(this).getUploadConfig()
and then modify the parameters:

// 修改最大下载数,调用完成后,立即生效
// 如当前下载任务数是4,修改完成后,当前任务数会被Aria自动调度任务数


  • Stop all tasks;
  • Restore all stopped tasks;
  • Delete all tasks;
  • Maximum download speed limit
//单位为 kb;
@Override public void onTaskRunning(DownloadTask task) {
  //If you turn on the speed unit conversion configuration, you can get the download speed with units in the following ways, such as: 1 mb/s
  String convertSpeed = task.getConvertSpeed();
  //If you have your own unit format, you can get the original byte length by the following method
  long speed = task.getSpeed();
  • Get the downloaded file size, the current progress percentage
    Likewise, you can also get the downloaded file size in the DownloadTask object
@Override public void onTaskRunning(DownloadTask task) {
  //Get the file size
  long fileSize = task.getFileSize();
  //Get the file size after conversion
  String fileSize1 = task.getConvertFileSize();
  //The current percentage of progress
  int percent = task.getPercent();
  • Set the high priority task
    If you want to give priority to download a task, you can;
  • Set the extension field
    Sometimes, you may want to store some of your own data when you download it
    TIP: If you have more data, or the data is more complex, you can first convert the data to JSON, and then save it to Aria's download entity


  • Add a task (add only, do not upload)
    .load(filePath)     //file path
    .setUploadUrl(uploadUrl)  // upload the path
    .setAttachment(fileKey)   //The server reads the file's key
  • Upload
    .load(filePath)     //file path
    .setUploadUrl(uploadUrl)  //upload the path
    .setAttachment(fileKey)   //The server reads the file's key
  • cancel upload

Confused configuration

-dontwarn com.arialyy.aria.**
-keep class com.arialyy.aria.**{*;}
-keep class **$$DownloadListenerProxy{ *; }
-keep class **$$UploadListenerProxy{ *; }
-keepclasseswithmembernames class * {
    @Download.* <methods>;
    @Upload.* <methods>;


Have any questions that can give me a message in theissues


  • http、scoket断点上传
  • 实现上传队列调度功能

Development log

  • v_3.1.9 Repair the stopAll queue without task when the problem of collapse, increase the function for a single task monitor
  • v_3.1.7 repair some files can not download the bug, increase the apt annotation method, the incident is more simple
  • v_3.1.6 When the task is canceled ontaskCancel callback twice
  • v_3.1.5 Optimize the code structure, increase the priority download task function.
  • v_3.1.4 Repair the fast switching, pause, and restore functions, the probability of re-download problems, add onPre () callback, onPre () used to request the interface before the implementation of interface UI update operation.
  • v_3.1.0 Add the Aria configuration file to optimize the code
  • v_3.0.3 Repair the pause after deleting the task, flashing the problem, add the api to delete the record
  • v_3.0.2 supports 30x redirect link download
  • v_3.0.0 add upload task support to fix some bugs that have been discovered


Copyright 2016 AriaLyy(

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
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