The CS4/5 Progress #7

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I will work on a CS4/5 version and report the progress here.

faeree commented May 21, 2014



Hope you are working on it.. Looking forward for your release. Great presentation by the way. Thanks in advance.


HI! I have cs5. I can see the window but with nothing on it. Is someone having the same problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!


Hey @JohiWolf, as stated in the blog post, the CS4/5 version is not ready.

By the looks of it, the UI part of the CS4/5 version has to be built using Flash and not HTML, and since we don't have any experience in Flash, it has to be done by the community.

The HTML capability in CS6 isn't very good either. So a Flash version could create a stable experience across most CS versions, including CS6.

We'll prepare the project to be developed for CS versions by the community, and we'll announce that soon.


Thanks a lot for your efforts. Really appreciate it.

q0de commented May 30, 2014

Looking forward to this!


flash? really?
not .jsx?


@jalbertbowden, Well the extendscript stuff will be the same. That's what communicates to Photoshop. But the UI will have to be rebuilt in Flash, only for CS versions.

I'm behind on getting the docs ready for the Flash port, so I apologize to you guys. Been super busy with theatrejs :)


The last post was in June, is Gridify now ready for cs4/5?


Hi @hugorimaud,

Unfortunately I haven't been able to finish Griddify in the past few months (been busy with TheatreJS). I apologize that this is taking more time than it should've and that I haven't been able to communicate the process with you guys.

That being said, I don't think a CS4/5 version is likely to come, as the platform is simply too unstable for me to maintain the code on so many incompatible versions of Photoshop :(

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