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Ariadne: more than a cms.

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What is Ariadne?

Ariadne is a Content Management System (CMS) with:

  • builtin inline WYSIWYG editor, mobile friendly
  • user and group management
  • media management, including image manipulation
  • supports multiple language sites
  • real multiple site management
  • filesystem-like content repository

Ariadne is also a development environment

  • including an browser based IDE
  • and logging debugger
  • sandboxed PHP templates
  • with Subversion (SVN) support
  • workspaces
  • DTAP support
  • import / export of projects
  • or of re-usable components

Ariadne is optimized to scale

  • tested with more than one million objects on desktop hardware
  • builtin advanced Edge Side Includes handling
  • magic cache, automatically updates cached pages if any part of them is changed

Ariadne is secure

  • passwords are properly encrypted
  • it is immune to SQL injection attacks
  • it has an automatic safety net for XSS attacks
  • and a form library with CSRF protection
  • and uses in depth capabilities checking based on user grants

Ariadne is stable

  • in continuous development since 1999
  • fully backwards compatible for at least the last ten years
  • committed to keep being future proof and backwards compatible forever
  • while still keeping up with the quick rate of change in the PHP community

Ariadne is not just about publishing websites

  • it has an FTP server and client
  • and a WebDAV server
  • a Soap server and client
  • and a XML-RPC server and client
  • it can parse and manipulate HTML, XML, RSS