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This repo includes a Grafonnet example with the usage of a self build, custom library. (Grafonnet/lib and Jsonnet are needed for usage)

Jsonnet files can be compiled to JSON files through executing the command below in the shell within the root folder:

$ jsonnet jsonnetDashboards/db_01.jsonnet

With the command above, the resulting JSON will be shown in the shell. To store the JSON in a file use '-o' option:

$ jsonnet -o db_01.json jsonnetDashboards/db_01.jsonnet

How to get Jsonnet

  1. Take a look at the getting started section of Jsonnet.
  2. Or download directly/ read the instructions here on the C++ repo or here on the Go repo.
  3. You might want to add the jsonnet executable to your path variables for easier usage.

How to get Grafonnet

  1. Grafonnet can be cloned from its github repo.
  2. To tell Jsonnet Grafonnet should be used as a library you need to pass grafonnet in during the command.

$ jsonnet -J [grafonnetPath] jsonnetDashboards/db_01.jsonnet

or add Grafonnet as a JSONNET_PATH environment variable.

Some more detailed information on how this was created can be found on the corresponding blogpost.

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