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ERC20 contract for Arianee Token.

Based on

Features added to standard ERC20


The Arianee Tokens attributed to the founders, advisors of the ICO will be blocked in the following conditions so that they will not be in a position to use or exchange their LGO Tokens just following the end of the ICO.

Founders: blocked 1 year, then released the second year, 1/12 per month. Advisors: progressively released during 1 year, 1/12 per month.

Arianee 2-Year Holding Bonus

Every 6 months during 2 years (4 times), 5% of additional LGO Tokens will be distributed, proportionally, to the Arianee Holders whose tokens were issued in the ICO and that have not moved their tokens (including already received bonus tokens) from the initial address.

Test coverage

Prepare environment:

  1. Download and install Ganache (GUI version strictly)
  2. Install truffle npm install truffle -g
  3. Run Ganache
  4. Clone this repo and npm install


Important! Please run tests separately. Like

truffle test --network ganache test/distributeHolderBonus.test.js

This is because a lot of test cases included business logic tightly connected with time in future. We can increase time in blockchain by evm_increaseTime, but cannot decrease. So please restart Ganache before test running (until the run test script is ready).