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Beat the blockquote mammoth! Adds a Quote button to WHTM to easily and quickly blockquote others.
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WHTM Quote Helper

Beat the blockquote mammoth! Adds a Quote button to WHTM to easily and quickly blockquote others.

What Is This?

  • A userscript (or bookmarklet) that adds a “Quote” button to the bottom of every comment that pastes a timestamped and linked copy of the comment you’re quoting into the Reply box. Gracefully handles formatting, links, emoji, images, YouTube embeds, and nested blockquotes.

  • Also adds a Search 🔍 icon next to everyone’s username that searches this site for that username using Google’s site: option. Useful for confirming the bona fides of posters.

  • Also adds a strikeout button to the formatting toolbar. I see no problem with this!

How To Install

The WHTM Quote Helper is available in two versions:


The advantage of the userscript is that it loads automatically once installed, meaning that the features are available as soon as you land on WHTM.

To install the userscript, you'll need to:

  1. First, install a userscript extension such as Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey.
  2. Click on this link
  3. Follow the directions on the Install Userscript dialog that pops up

That's it!


A bookmarklet is a bit of Javascript code that lives in a bookmark, and runs only when the bookmark is clicked on. Due to this limitation, the bookmarklet needs to be manually reloaded every time a new page loads. The benefit is that it works on mobile browsers, which usually don't have the ability to run userscripts.

To install the bookmarklet browser, you'll need to:

  1. Click on this link to view the full bookmarklet code.
  2. Select the entire code, and copy it to your clipboard.
  3. Add the page to your Bookmarks/Favorites, giving it an easy-to-remember name, such as "WHTM Quote Helper".
  4. Place the bookmark somewhere convenient to access.
  5. Edit the bookmark, and paste the copied code into the "URL", "Location" or "Address" field.

And we are done! Phew!

How To Use


Once you navigate to a WHTM page with comments, you should see the Search and Quote buttons automatically appear in every comment.


Once you navigate to a WHTM page with comments, go to where you put your bookmarklet, and click once. The Search and Quote buttons should appear next to every comment.

Known Bugs

Do not quote your own posts when the edit timer is still ticking down. The script enters an infinite loop.


v1.0 Initial Release

v1.1 Change to code to handle <p> tags more gracefully

v1.2 Improved the handling of <br> tags and newlines

v1.3 Added strikeout button to formatting bar

v1.4.3 Added Search button next to usernames

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