A development kit and environment umbrella designed specifically for creating a functional implementation of the LCARS methodology
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The LCARS SDK is a development kit and environment umbrella designed specifically for generating canon quality and functional interfaces with the LCARS methodology within a webview. Utilizing a webview the LCARS SDK can be applied to cross-modern internet browsers and both mobile and desktop applications. Anywhere a webview is in place the SDK could be used.

While the JS API could be written without a library, to make it more accessible the $.(); syntax is used via the jQuery library. Zepto may be used as a drop-in replacement preference.

  1. Illustrator files for mockups and direct sizing porting.
  2. Base CSS which is the minimal requirement to utilize the LCARS methodology.
  3. JS API which is optional but useful for creating, managing and maintaining the interfaces.

The wiki assumed the JS API is utilized but all the classes and options are presented for any hardcoding of an interface.

Provided with the LCARS SDK are three built interfaces:

  1. Random Color Generator - New color selection after every refresh and auto sizes with the built in zoom function.
  2. Hardcoded - Same layout as the Color Generator but is hardcoded html with all JS removed. Only powered by CSS.
  3. Visual Guide - A reference and testing setup for all elements and their variants.

For more information:


To learn how to use the LCARS SDK read through the attached wiki.