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Simple Graph Editor is a Unity editor extension that will allow you to create directional graphs in no time!

This graph editor allows you to iterate and create prototypes really fast. It's as easy as creating the waypoint cluster using the menu and then clicking to place the waypoints in your project.

It also includes a "weighted edges" system that is especially useful to quickly see the look of your game while prototyping and iteraing with the movement of an object, for example, for an AI.

You can view an example on how to use this asset by looking inside the "Demo Scene" folder.

A quick start guide is available at

If you have any other questions, please create an issue at, or send me an email at

How to install

(Ignore this if this asset was downloaded from the asset store)

To start using this asset:

  • Download from the asset store to get the latest version (link below)
  • Download a specific version from the releases pages or clone this repo inside the "assets" folder of your project.



Simple Graph Editor is a Unity editor extension that allows to quickly integrate directed graphs in your scenes in a visual manner and easily iterate through their design







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