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OSX Settings

This repository contains my bash, zsh, and Vim settings.

Some of the features include:

  • Nicely colored prompt for both Bash and ZSH.
  • Automatic project aliases
  • Ruby on Rails specific aliases
  • RVM support
  • Bundler compatible irbrc
  • Vim configuration
  • ... and much more!

There is absolutely NO guarantee for this project to work on your machine. Only use this if you know what you are doing.


Installation is really easy, just run these commands:

git clone git:// ~/.osx_settings
cd ~/.osx_settings

This will create backups for anything you already have and add symlinks to these parts.

Dont't forget to configure git:

git config --global "Your Name"
git config --global


To get the latest and greatest:

cd ~/.osx_settings
git pull origin master

This will update all the vim plugins (through pathogen) too. If you've customized anything, you will have to deal with merge conflicts yourself.


Project aliases

This scripts adds aliases for your project directories, but you'll have to tell it where your projects can be found.

Depending on which shell you use, create bash/ or zsh/98_project_dirs.zsh.

If you're using bash, edit .bashrc and add something like:


If you're using zsh, edit .zshrc and add something like:


Add as many directories as you like.


I'm using Deja Vu Sans mono as font. You can download it here.

Programmers can be very anal about fonts, so if you don't like it, feel free to use something different.


In the iTerm2 General settings, check Load preferences from a user-defined folder or URL. Fill in the text field to point to /Users/your_name/.osx_settings/iterm2. You might need to restart iTerm2 after that.

Don't forget to enable Use bright colors for bold text in, if you have trouble reading the colors. And choose the Pro theme of course.


Here's what I install on a clean OSX:

brew install ack imagemagick mongodb par readline wget git-flow \
    libyaml mysql zsh node sqlite memcached postgresql tree elasticsearch

Make sure to read the caveats of those packages to make them start up automatically when that makes sense.


I use hitch for pair programming. I also use RVM. After installing the rubies I want, I run.

for x in $(rvm list strings); do rvm use $x@global && gem install hitch; done

And since I want Bundler 1.1 (currently in rc):

for x in $(rvm list strings); do rvm use $x@global && gem uninstall bundler -ax; gem install bundler --pre; done


Thanks everybody who puts their dotfiles online. I copied a lot from practically every repository.

Feel free to use this or fork this. Additions are very welcome!