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Just some random game without a name I feel like making
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About Game

Just some random game without a name I feel like making. That's right, in one class file ;)

Installing Game

git clone && cd Game

Starting Game

To start the game, simply execute:


Or, you can optionally add space-separated parameters, like:

sh --nopan --jump --dither

The allowed parameters are:

  • -d/--dither - Force 8bit colors & enable dithering?
  • -p/--nopan - Disable panning?
  • -j/--jump - Enable jumping?
  • -e/--tileeditor - Launch tile editor instead of game?


  • W - Move up
  • A - Move left
  • S - Move down
  • D - Move right
  • R - Respawn
  • B - Toggle 8-bit rendering mode
  • F2 - Screenshot
  • F3 - Display debug info
  • <SPACE> - Jump (disabled by default)
  • <RIGHT_CLICK> - Hold to pan view and speed walk
  • <MIDDLE_CLICK> - Hold to speed walk towards mouse
  • <SHIFT> - Slow walk

Tile Editor

sh --tileeditor
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