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@Aris-t2 Aris-t2 released this Mar 5, 2018 · 27 commits to master since this release

CTR_v1.7.4_fx45-56_signed_by_Mozilla.xpi can be installed on Firefox 52-56 without workarounds. It is the latest signed version of CTR.

CTR_v1.7.4.xpi points internally to a Github update url, so only browsers not requiring add-ons signing will get updates automatically.

CTR_v1.7.4_updatetest_1.7.3.9_to._1.7.4.xpi offers a demonstration of how the update works on Waterfox. Basilisk is not working yet at least for me.

CTR_v1.7.4_fx45-56_not_signed.xpi is the default file like always. Its update url does not point to Github. A workaround is required to install it on Firefox 52-56.

All files despite of their version or version tag are identical feature wise.

Main version is now for Waterfox and Basilisk only. If you have installed the new CTR_v1.7.4.xpi file from here on 2018-03-16 or later, you will receive future updates automatically from here not from AMO.
Firefox 45-56 users should receive updates from AMO as always, although reviews seem to take forever now. If you are using CTR, switch to Waterfox or Basilisk.


  • French (fr) translation updated (thanks to BlackJack)

[general change(s)]

  • add-on manager version number: optimized xml code / reduced file size
  • Location bar > 'alt. autocomplete popup': optimized xml code / reduced file size
  • Searchbar > Old search: optimized xml code / reduced file size
  • minor tweaks for 'CTR > Other settings > emphasize Firefox 57+ compatible' options
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