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Customize Thunderbird 52-60.x (no support for Thunderbird 68+)
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Thunderbird 68+

CMB will not be updated for Thunderbird 68+, please don't ask for it. I'm done with Mozilla and their lies about keeping the "old" add-on eco system in Thunderbird. This add-on will not be rewritten by me again!


CustomizeMyBird for Thunderbird 52-60.x

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CustomizeMyBird 2.0 offers Thunderbird features known from


  • Tabs: switch between default tabs and classic squared tabs (+ Aero blue colors)
  • Tabs: custom height
  • Tabs: custom border roundness
  • Tabs toolbar: hide Lightning buttons
  • Tabs and tab toolbar buttons: switch positions (Windows/Linux)
  • Main menubar: above/below tabs toolbar (Windows/Linux)
  • Main menubar: compact view (Windows/Linux)
  • Main menubar: Aero blue colors
  • Main toolbar: compact view
  • Window header: custom colors
  • Toolbars: default colors / Aero blue colors
  • Statusbar: hide status bar
  • Quick-filter-bar: move below mail list (if visible)
  • Attachments: move above mail content (if visible)
  • Attachments: move button to start position (if visible)
  • Main menu button alternative appearance: customizable colors, text, icons
  • Add-ons Manager: alternative appearance (+ Aero blue colors)
  • Add-ons Manager: compact view
  • Add-ons Manager: show version number
  • Toolbar buttons appearance known from 'Classic Toolbar Buttons'/'NoiaButtons' add-ons
    • classic appearance for menubar, tabs toolbar and main toolbars
    • custom border roundness for buttons on menubar, tabs toolbar and main toolbars
    • custom minimum height and width for buttons on menubar and main toolbars
    • custom icons: Thunderbird 1-3, macOS, dark, bright, Noia large/medium/small/tiny
    • icons: reduce icon size on hover
  • Scrollbar settings
    • hide scrollbars / scrollbar buttons
    • custom size
    • custom opacity
    • background color/gradient
    • thumb color/gradient/roundness/border
    • button color/gradient/roundness


  • compatible to Lightning
  • compatible to Windows, Linux, macOS
  • compatible to light and dark lw-themes (aka Personas)
  • partly compatible to complete/full themes (only a few options are available on preferences window btw. preferences tab)
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