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A SNES emulator for the 3DS. If you have seen lolSnes, you know what to expect.


  • CPU: 100% (only lacking a few unimportant tidbits)
  • PPU: ~80% (modes 0-4 and 7, 8x8 and 16x16 tiles, sprites, color math, brightness, windows)
  • SPC700: 99% (mostly everything is in)
  • DSP: lacking noise and echo; interpolation is linear only
  • DMA and HDMA
  • SRAM with auto-saving

Missing, oncoming features

  • expansion chips
  • hires (modes 5/6), mosaic, other fancy shiz


  • 3dbrew and all the people who made 3DS homebrew possible
  • anyone who helped make lolSnes work
  • Bond697 and Normmatt for how to use the 3DS syscore
  • smealum for ctrulib and for paving the way to the PICA200
  • Martin Korth for Fullsnes and no$sns's debugger
  • the SNemulDS authors for their DSP emulation code
  • DiscostewSM for his fixes and additions
  • if you feel I forgot your name here, let me know