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Source Code for "Game Development with Amazon Lumberyard"

Welcome to Lumberyard, a game engine by Amazon!

Learning how to create games in a new game engine is a difficult task. It is easy to get bog down in details, or get stuck on an issue with no way to figure out what is going on, or how to find out what is going wrong, or even how to tell what is going on at all? It is challenging both intellectually and emotionally.

This book is written with an idea that the best way to teach is by gradually introducing topics one element at a time, just enough to get you past the task at hand, get something working, get you to see the whole picture at a glance. Then we go back and introduce deeper elements and systems involved once you have enough context to understand why you need them.

Each chapter was carefully considered. Was it necessary to move forward? Was it graspable given the topics presented so far? Did it use the bare minimum of new concepts and ideas to accomplish the task? Our goal here is to learn the engine and its various subsystems. Once you grasp enough knowledge, feel free to impress yourself and others. Our first task is to learn. Let’s get started.

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