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Temperature Sensor Relay Device (TSRD) - February 2017 - v1.1 Eddys Temp Sensor Relay Device thingy for John

This device was custom-made for Johnny. Johnny bought a NAS/server recently which he wants to put inside a small cavity in his wardrobe. The problem is the space is so small that it will heat up very quickly in there. He has a small exhaust fan which runs on mains power (240v AC) which he will use to keep it cool in there, but he doesn't want the fan to stay on 24/7. So this Temp Sensor Relay Device (TSRD) has one cable which plugs in to mains power and another cable which plugs in to the exhaust fan. The TSRD sits in between this power circuit.

The TSRD is made up of an ESP8266 controller, temperature sensor, and relays and controls when the exhaust fan should be powered. The TSRD will monitor the temperature until a pre-configured threshold is met. Once met, it will trigger the relay to allow 240v AC power through to the fan for a pre-configured amount of time. Once the time elapses if the temperature is still above the threshold it will turn the fan on again for the same amount of time. This cycle will continue until the temperature drops back below the threshold. Once below the threshold, it will wait until the temperature rises above the threshold to turn back on again.

When first powered on the TSRD will ask for the temperature threshold and for the duration of time to run the exhaust fan. This information is not saved if the device is restarted. If no information is entered within a few minutes then the device will load default configuration which you can set below.

TODO: Maybe next time use EEPROM to store the settings.


Temperature Sensor Relay Device (TSRD)







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