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(WIP) Keep track of feedback, schedule 1-on-1 meetings, and keep your team happy.
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Teamwork is an app to help team leads stay on top of providing feedback, having 1-on-1's, and making sure their team members have what they need to do their best work.

Disclaimer: This app isn't closed to finished.

Teamwork dashboard


I started this passion project when I realized my time as team lead could've been easier if there was a way to manage a few small but important things more effectively.

Having an organized way to keep track of feedback for team members and vice versa is critical in my opinion, and commonly used tools like Slack, Jira, email, etc... aren't optimized for this.

Doing regular 1-on-1's is also key when it comes to running a great team, and one common downfall of these meetings is forgetting to set an agenda, and not keeping track of any outcomes from the meeting.

Lastly, while you're team lead there's always things you owe to each team member, it could be explaining product requirements, following up with your own manager, technical mentoring, etc... All of these things don't really fit into Jira, and typically aren't accounted for during sprints. It's easy to forget about these little things that help your team be the best that it can be, and that's where Teamwork comes in... well at least when I finish it.

🗺️ Feature Roadmap

User Signup and Authentication

Done Users can signup, login, and signout.

Create teams

Done Users can create as many teams as they want.

Invite users

⬜ WIP Invite teammates to join Teamwork.


⬜ WIP Record and share feedback in an organized way.


⬜ WIP Schedule 1-on-1's with your teammates and keep track of agendas and outcomes.


⬜ WIP Keep track of little things you owe people on your team.

👨‍💻 Technical Overview


  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Redux
  • Styled Components
  • Formik


  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • Firebase Functions
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Authentication
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