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An online spinoff of Mafia. Users can play through their phones or computers
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A Modern spin off of the game Mafia using the theme of ghosts but without the hassle of using playing cards!

Play it now!
Note that players do not need to create an account to play. Online play is handled by a lobby feature which allows players to quickly create, invite and play games with friends.

Roles include:

  • Ghost
  • Exorcist
  • Citizens
  • Priest
  • Healer
  • Clown
  • More coming soon!

Game Rules:

Instructions for Heroku Deployment

  1. Create heroku account and loging using heroku login
  2. Run command heroku app create
  3. Run command npm run build (Creates static html,css, js files rather then using react server)
  4. git add -A and git add build folder from inside Noble Phantasm Directory
  5. Add a git commit message (does not matter what it is)
  6. git push heroku to deply app
  7. App is now running your heroku address
  • Note that npm run build creates a build folder. Make sure to add that to the commit for Heroku
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