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Welcome Aboard!

This is a quick reference for your Ark IoT Kit.
Anyone is welcome to add to this resource!

Table of Contents


Raspberry Pi Zero W Adafruit Feather Huzzah ESP8266 Adafruit Feather Huzzah32


Pixy CMUcam5 Sensor PN532 NFC/RFID breakout board Adafruit Ultimate GPS FeatherWing
Adalogger FeatherWing - RTC + SD Music Maker FeatherWing w/ Amp Adafruit Power Relay FeatherWing


Electret Microphone Amplifier Waterproof DS18B20 Digital temperature sensor Laser Diode - 5mW 650nm Red Small push-pull solenoid
Liquid Crystal Light Valve Fast Vibration Sensor Switch DHT22 temperature-humidity sensor PIR (motion) sensor
Micro Servo Magnetic Contact Switch Piezo Buzzer Photo cell (CdS photoresistor)

Power & Prototyping

Adafruit Parts Pal Lithium Ion Battery - 3.7v 2000mAh

additional breadboards, wires, usb-cables, OTG-adapters, and Class 10 MicroSD cards will also be provided.

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