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ARK Ecosystem

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ARK Ecosystem

Mission Statement

ARK Ecosystem, SCIC, is dedicated to fostering a more open, decentralized, and transparent world. We disrupt the status quo by championing individual empowerment through the development and promotion of open-source, blockchain technology. We are committed to breaking down barriers, challenging centralized power, and enabling innovation, all while ensuring the highest levels of integrity, collaboration, and transparency.

Charting the Course, Towards a More Open and Decentralized Society

🟢 Production Repositories

These repositories contain our existing suite of live products.

  • ARK Core - ARK Core is our flagship, TypeScript-based, highly modular Layer 1 blockchain protocol. It features our unique implementation of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), embodying our commitment to innovation and decentralization.
  • ARK Vault - ARKVault is a custom web wallet offering users seamless management of their addresses on the ARK Public Network.
  • ARK Scan - ARKScan is a custom block explorer, built for the ARK Public Network, that delivers comprehensive insights into the network's history, putting a wealth of information right at your fingertips.
  • ARK Launcher - ARKLauncher is a powerful tool for creating and deploying custom ARK-based blockchains in as little as one hour.

🟠 Developmental Repositories

These repositories contain new and/or experimental products that are still in development.

  • Mainsail - Mainsail is the next generation of the ARK-Core blockchain protocol featuring a new DPoS consensus engine that is more reliable and efficient. Currently in development.

🔴 Archived Repositories

These repositories are no longer supported and have been archived.

Discontinued Blockchain Protocols (Layer 1)

  • CoreEx - Fully modular blockchain protocol based on Core, a predecessor of Mainsail.
  • Bearmint - Highly experimental blockchain framework that is developed on top of and interacts with Tendermint via its Application Blockchain Interface. Bearmint is no longer in development.

Discontinued Products

  • ARK Desktop Wallet - Legacy desktop wallet for ARK blockchain, a predecessor of ARKVault. The ARK Desktop Wallet is no longer being actively developed.
  • ARK Mobile Wallet - Legacy mobile wallet for ARK blockchain, a predecessor of ARKVault. The ARK Mobile Wallet is no longer being actively developed.
  • Nodem - All-in-one tool for managing your ark blockchain nodes with integrations for popular server providers. Nodem is no longer in development.

Popular repositories

  1. core core Public

    The ARK Core Blockchain Framework. Check for more information.

    TypeScript 335 286

  2. desktop-wallet desktop-wallet Public archive

    💻 Archived, please use ARKVault

    TypeScript 291 193

  3. mobile-wallet mobile-wallet Public archive

    📲 Archived, please use ARKVault

    TypeScript 88 101

  4. deployer deployer Public

    A small deployment script for ARK Chains, that lets you create your own blockchain in minutes

    Shell 49 47

  5. AIPs AIPs Public

    ARK Improvement Proposals

    26 27

  6. paper-wallet paper-wallet Public

    The official Paper Wallet for the ARK Blockchain.

    Vue 22 34


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