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@luciorubeens luciorubeens released this Mar 14, 2019 · 152 commits to master since this release

New features, performance improvements and bug fixes 🔥


  • Add Italian language (#957)


  • Add component InputLanguage and add language flags to profile (#1054)
  • Allow navigating to delegate addresses on the vote delegate modal (#1072)
  • As users, when leaving the profile edition without having saved it, if they want to do it (#1077)
  • Implement remote sorting to delegate table (#1080)
  • Add the time format setting to the profile creation (#1079)
  • Include a menu to filter and sort the wallets of the sidebar (#1068)
  • Verify when sending transactions that the 2nd passphrase is correct (#1043)
  • Display the ticker price on the dashboard, even when the chart is disabled (#1092)
  • Make voting easier with delegate modal (#1027)
  • Load "x" ledger wallets (#1059)


  • Improve ui/ux for qr scanner (#1028)
  • Implement database migration system (#967)
  • Overall latest transactions per profile (#1034)
  • Make contacts page scrollable (#1052)
  • Copy button in wallet table, redirect & success message (#1053)
  • Infer the market ticker of custom networks by checking CryptoCompare (#1073)
  • Replace lots of action dispatching to load the session with a single mutation (#1093)
  • Revamp how transactions are loaded on the dashboard (#1103)
  • Request wallets data and transactions in parallel during synchronization (#1106)
  • Request multiple wallets or transactions at once when the API allows it (#1107)
  • Highlight the wallet sidebar filters button when they are active (#1105)
  • Move "Chart on dashboard" setting to profile creation and edition (#1091)
  • Improve address list style when creating a new wallet (#1109)
  • Synch dynamic fees only when InputFee is active (#1108)
  • Add avatar and change style on confirmation of new wallet page (#1116)
  • Delay and change the interval of synchronization (#1121)

Bug/Minor Fixes

  • Do not treat addresses that are on NEO as invalid (#1048)
  • Keep the expand button at the top (#1061)
  • Change to new voting instructions URL (#1062)
  • Correctly sort wallets and contacts in overview and sidebar (#1044)
  • Dashboard transaction loading and wallet sidebar placeholder (#1065)
  • Add subject to clipboard button upon resetting tooltip (#1064)
  • Configure the new Ark Shield address (#1081)
  • Upgrade to node 11 and fix all failing unit tests (#1075)
  • Add COSS to known wallets (#1088)
  • Compile portal-vue to not display developer note in production (#1095)
  • Use the cursor pointer on the pagination rows per page (#1087)
  • Stage linted files before commit (#1102)
  • Show voted delegates in wallet table (#1099)
  • Use the configured time format on the market chart (#1086)
  • Fix how cryptocurrencies are formatted when localized and displaying with symbols (#1089)
  • Ignore case of filter queries (#1104)
  • Several BIP 38 issues and refactor the implementation (#1115)


File SHA256
linux-amd64-2.3.0.deb b7a0d3e1d0b7b479f392e354325ee888a61271aa74afef3e6aeb7f2c4556a079
linux-x64-2.3.0.tar.gz 128b771842fef98dbecbb56cd9e2c756287b1cfa9b417e6d5766dd61c5320b0d
linux-x86_64-2.3.0.AppImage ebde7b7916f1ef2f3bc161cd6aa590514ec99b5af4e7a8fa6cc0aec077916700
mac-2.3.0.dmg 37f88055fc428e7c3adc98b4e66b9fe08fdab068b82fd4f13bf9e161dd7883d0 2cc185ea29911139b4d9b0a588c8eb5e8ee6018e79c5c923416a1e65fcd59fa9
win-x64-2.3.0.exe 9493cb7321f46123f176ddfb57139600d4c4080afcc219659cb791fdf5c26585
win-x86-2.3.0.exe b47215e357b825e82912d9a61cbb70fc20cb3c3ceefc796140f86d97706cb907


Thanks to @dated @vulet @kalgoop @danielstc

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