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@luciorubeens luciorubeens released this Mar 22, 2019 · 144 commits to master since this release

Better support for ARK Deployer Chains 🎣


  • Cache rendered pages that are not tied to the current session profile (#1130)
  • Save regular and Ledger wallets at once instead of dispatching multiple Vuex actions (#1124)
  • Truncate block ID on transaction modal if necessary (#1129)
  • Cache all pages that do not use a parametrized URL (#1135)

Bug/Minor Fixes

  • Enable the translation of empty transaction table message (#1132)
  • Do not store Ledger connection timer since it is not used (#1118)
  • Static fee default if fee statistics empty (#1139)


File SHA256
linux-amd64-2.3.1.deb 77c474986da4647587633449dda19acaad61225172e69edf76d49fddb5e3da4c
linux-x64-2.3.1.tar.gz ad3637430e1aef4e32e523f67c516407a360dc563e761f3f9c2bc18bf4b8cff8
linux-x86_64-2.3.1.AppImage 2c2d4fef823abf1c0d22989d8cf7085d0c29cbb15b1e3697adff5d6e480615d6
mac-2.3.1.dmg a73e5f3d795cdffb77d5cfee3ae29aaafde79be4ed014c45d1da96efb312257a d670e1561e4096a00f5e9f3b040ac4fe8660f24ef4039a8e1d472122d04d6b41
win-x64-2.3.1.exe a8a66a19c5cffc6b0f053c554205760dae200ff4179cd938c33808b56cca2140
win-x86-2.3.1.exe 2af2ae9ee3a796b11bb3dee82c64ee4f636e1adc5610ecc8f377fabdf1999054


Thanks to @danielstc

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