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All blockchain providers used in Arkane Network
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Arkane Blockchain Providers

Arkane Blockchain Providers are a set of APIs and libraries which support interaction with various blockchains.

If you are a Java developer and want to add support for a new blockchain in Arkane, first of all great, awesome 🎉!! Secondly we like to invite you to our Telegram channel so we can answer any questions you may have and help you where needed.

Why add a blockchain provider?

Arkane network consists out of multiple building blocks, by adding support for an extra blockchain, the blockchain is not only supported by the Arkane web wallet but by ALL Arkane components. Allowing the creation of userfriendly blockchain applications without the need for browser extensions.

Arkane Components

Getting Started


Provider API

The provider API is the actual API. All provider submodules needs to implement the interfaces of the API.

Provider AutoConfiguration

Spring Boot Autoconfiguration module. Using this module, spring will automatically populate all required elements to interact with the various blockchain submodules.

Provider XXX

For every supported blockchain, a new provider is added.

Chains already implemented

What is Arkane Network

Not sure yet what Arkane Network is all about, where are some resources to help you get a better view:

alt text

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