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- Goblins mounts vendors, players cant buy mounts from them if they havent full rep
- honor gained on pvp multiplied with 3.5 (maybe 2.5 better?)
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1 parent 82b0226 commit 2765cda70d6dfeace75f09e8f85b139337d923b2 @SergeWinters SergeWinters committed
2  src/server/game/Entities/Player/Player.cpp
@@ -7759,7 +7759,7 @@ bool Player::RewardHonor (Unit *uVictim, uint32 groupsize, int32 honor, bool pvp
// add honor points
- AddHonorPoints(int32(honor));
+ AddHonorPoints(int32(honor) * 3.5);
@wazy Collaborator
wazy added a note

why are you multiplying an integer with a float here?

Sovak added a note

3.5f ...

@wazy Collaborator
wazy added a note

@sovak ? i just see int32(honor) and wonder why it is then multiplied by 3.5f does not make sense to me why this is there

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//ApplyModUInt32Value(PLAYER_FIELD_TODAY_CONTRIBUTION, honor, true);
5 src/server/scripts/World/npcs_special.cpp
@@ -1290,6 +1290,11 @@ class npc_mount_vendor: public CreatureScript
canBuy = true;
+ case 48510: //Kall Worthaton
+ if (pPlayer->GetReputationRank(1133) != REP_EXALTED && race != RACE_GOBLIN)
+ pPlayer->SEND_GOSSIP_MENU(5840, pCreature->GetGUID());
+ else canBuy = true;
+ break;
case 7955: //Milli Featherwhistle
if (pPlayer->GetReputationRank(54) != REP_EXALTED && race != RACE_GNOME)
pPlayer->SEND_GOSSIP_MENU(5857, pCreature->GetGUID());

7 comments on commit 2765cda


I found some bugs when I want to compile it in the PetAI.cpp


And the other failed when I want to compile is this it is connected with the irccmde.cpp


Other bug with some script withe boss scripts


I cant decompile because I always got a lot of bug when I am debugging


Hey kem008 what are you posting? fixes? ??


No I am posting some errors what I got from debugging and I cant post it to the bug tracker because it dont want to give me acces to log in :(


I cant register on the website why? The site dont want more accounts?

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