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Core/Player Fixed auto drunk bug (Revert)

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commit 6e88ad1459cafcc35711547ee76bbbc697321944 1 parent 3ba3166
@Oracraft Oracraft authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 src/server/game/Entities/Player/Player.cpp
4 src/server/game/Entities/Player/Player.cpp
@@ -17409,9 +17409,9 @@ bool Player::_LoadFromDB (uint32 guid, SQLQueryHolder * holder, PreparedQueryRes
SetUInt32Value(PLAYER_BYTES, fields[9].GetUInt32());
SetUInt32Value(PLAYER_BYTES_2, fields[10].GetUInt32());
- SetUInt32Value(PLAYER_BYTES_3, (fields[48].GetUInt16() & 0xFFFE) | fields[5].GetUInt8());
+ SetUInt32Value(PLAYER_BYTES_3, (fields[49].GetUInt16() & 0xFFFE) | fields[5].GetUInt8());
SetUInt32Value(PLAYER_FLAGS, fields[11].GetUInt32());
- SetInt32Value(PLAYER_FIELD_WATCHED_FACTION_INDEX, fields[47].GetUInt32());
+ SetInt32Value(PLAYER_FIELD_WATCHED_FACTION_INDEX, fields[48].GetUInt32());
// set which actionbars the client has active - DO NOT REMOVE EVER AGAIN (can be changed though, if it does change fieldwise)
SetByteValue(PLAYER_FIELD_BYTES, 2, fields[68].GetUInt8());
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