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@Arkania Arkania Emulation Community

  • ArkCORE

    ArkCORE is a World of Warcraft game server application. It is derived from TrinityCore, the Massive Network Game Object Server, and is based on the code of that project. Supported Client 4.0.6


  • ArkCORE-NG

    Cataclysm 4.3.4 emulator.. with archeology..


  • ArkCORE4

    forked from TrinityCore/TrinityCore

    ArkCORE4 forked from TC 4.3.4, this is for public dev and will be renamed to ArkCORE4 when get stable enough. (4.3.4 branch only)


  • ArkCORE5

    ArkCORE5 is a World of Warcraft - MoP Emulator


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