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PS: Nova Translations

Welcome to the PS: Nova Translations Github Repository.

This repository is dedicated to translating PS: Nova game texts from Japanese to English. We hope our disclosing of game texts and opening this repository will pave a quicker way for non-Japanese speaking ARKS to enjoy the game in their native languages in the future.

While we appreciate the efforts of those who don't speak Japanese (through Google translate and the like), we would like for only those who have a grasp of the Japanese language to submit edits to those. ありがとう~ (*^▽^)/


  1. Click the file you want to edit
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. Edit the file to your heart's content!
  4. Write a brief summary of the changes at the bottom of the page
  5. Hit "Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request." (DO NOT COMMIT DIRECTLY TO MASTER.)
  6. Your PR request will be reviewed and accepted or denied. (Your changes will also be posted to the discord chat.)

Editing Process

Please put your translation in the "Text" field like so:

  "310040": {
    "OriginalText": "ポストアタック",
    "Text": "Post Attack",
    "Enabled": false

Then, change the false to true, so it ends up like this:

  "310040": {
    "OriginalText": "ポストアタック",
    "Text": "Post Attack",
    "Enabled": true

Please note that there may be "weird" things in the text! For example, \n. These will be detailed below.

We welcome your contributions in the form of pull requests. You may create new issues to discuss the translations with other translators. Please note that issues not related to translation may be deleted without notice.


Don't know Japanese but still want to contribute?

If you don't understand Japanese, but still want to help out, you can look over the translated lines and make sure all grammar and spelling is correct. (US English, please!)

Entry Sizes

Here is a list of sizes a region will accept before it starts to resize. These should be kept as close to as possible so that text doesn't appear too small due to the automatic resizing.

Affix Descriptions - 40 Characters, 4 Lines
Class Descriptions - 40 Characters, 4 Lines
Item Descriptions - 40 Characters, 4 Lines
Skill/GA/Technique Descriptions - 40 Characters, 4 Lines

Quest Names - 25 Characters
Loading Screen - 60 Characters, 2 Lines

Effects - 20 Characters
          15-18 Characters if it's a numeric effect to make room for the maximum potential number/percentage

Message (RMD) System

The following is some basic information about RMD, the format the game uses to store and handle its string entries and string table.

ID Ranges

You can refer to NovaParse's Export JSON file for a reference of RMD ID ranges. If you find any that seem incorrect or that need investigating, feel free to point them out in an issue or in the Discord channel.

Text Regions

Nova's GUI system uses the concept of regions to align and contain UI and text elements. The system is smart enough to attempt to automatically fit controls inside of its containing region. This can be taken advantage of to fit in larger amounts of text than is immediately obvious. Keep in mind though that there is no restriction to this rule, so care must be taken to make sure that you do not stretch text vertically or horizontally to the point where individual glyphs become unreadable.

Control Codes

These control codes are used to do various things, such as change the text color or insert images.


\n - Newline


Ruby is a special control code with special handling. Ruby control codes place the specified text on top of the surrounding text. It begins with [ruby and then is proceeded with the text to place over top of the surrounding text and then a closing ]. Use [/ruby] to close the Ruby block. An example:

お願い……わたしの[ruby ほし]惑星[/ruby]を……助けて。

will show up as:



These control codes will change the surrounding text's color. You must prefix the text you wish to color with a color control code, then, after the text, append the color close control code.

[a 03] - Orange
[a 06] - Blue
[a 07] - Yellow
[b] - Color Close


There are 4 variable control codes. The meaning of these variables will change depending on the context of the message they are contained within. Therefore, they are very specific and should only be used within the proper messages to prevent potential issues occurring in the game!

[e 00 00] - Variable 1
[e 01 00] - Variable 2
[e 02 00] - Variable 3
[e 03 00] - Variable 4


These control codes can be used to insert button and icon images into the text.

[f 01] - X
[f 02] - Circle
[f 03] - Square
[f 04] - Triangle
[f 07] - L
[f 08] - R
[f 09] - Start
[f 0a] - Select
[f 0b] - Left Thumbstick
[f 0c] - Right Thumbstick
[f 1b] - Circle
[f 1c] - X
[f 64] - PS Button
[f 66] - Right Thumbstick
[f 67] - Left Thumbstick
[f 68] - Left Thumbstick + X
[f 69] - Left Thumbstick + Triangle
[f 6a] - Left Thumbstick + Square
[f 6b] - Left Thumbstick + L
[f 6c] - Left Thumbstick + R
[f 6d] - L1
[f 6e] - R1
[f 6f] - L2
[f 70] - R2
[f 71] - L3
[f 72] - R3
[f 73] - Square
[f 74] - Triangle
[f 75] - X
[f 76] - Circle
[f 77] - Left Thumbstick + Circle
[f 78] - L
[f 79] - R
[f 7a] - D-Pad Left
[f 7b] - D-Pad Right
[f 7c] - D-Pad Up
[f 7d] - D-Pad Down
[f 7e] - Select
[f 7f] - Gran Icon
[f 80] - Unknown Icon
[f 9c] - Unknown Icon