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A Metamod module to enable CS Bot in Counter-Strike 1.6.


Originally written by Whistler using metamod hooks, modified by Immortal_BLG and Safety1st to patch memory directly instead.

What are the difference?

This version is based on memory patching as well for efficiency and targeting only bot stuff, in addition to:

  • Linux support
  • Works only on HLDS build >= 5971
  • An option to precache radio sounds
  • Non-bot stuffs removed
  • Some general code cleanup


The only configuration of this module is a cvar which allows to precache radio sounds used by the bots. Located in πŸ“„csbot_enabler/config.ini:

// Precache all bot radio sounds.
// Please note:
//   BotChatter.db must be present.
//   Keep in mind that's about 487 files for ~10 Mo total to download.
//   Files are precached via the generic files buffer.
// -
// Default: "0"
csbot_precache_radio_sounds "0"

if you want to know what are the cvars and commands available for CS Bots, type in the server console:

cvarlist bot
cmdlist bot



  1. Stop your server 1
  2. Donwload the latest module version from the Releases section
  3. Download the bot resources files from this archive (~6 Mo)
  4. Unzip both content to your server in πŸ“‚cstrike
  5. Open & add an entry in πŸ“„metamod/plugins.ini:
    Windows `win32 addons/csbot_enabler/csbot_enabler_mm.dll`
    Linux `linux addons/csbot_enabler/csbot_enabler_mm_i386.so`
  6. Configure the cvar in πŸ“„csbot_enabler/config.ini
  7. Start your server and enjoy.

Expected files location

β”œβ”€ addons
β”‚   └─ csbot_enabler
β”‚       β”œβ”€ config.cfg
β”‚       β”œβ”€ csbot_enabler_mm.dll
β”‚       └─ csbot_enabler_mm_i386.so
β”œβ”€ sound
β”‚   └─ radio
β”‚       └─ bot
β”‚           β”œβ”€ a.wav
β”‚           β”œβ”€ a_bunch_of_them.wav
β”‚           └─ ...
β”œβ”€ BotChatter.db
└─ BotProfile.db


1 Whatever it's your first install or just updating ↩ [1]: http://google.com/ "Google"


To check if plugin is properly loaded, type in the server console: meta list. You see something like:

meta list
Currently loaded plugins:
      description      stat pend  file              vers      src  load unlod
 [ 1] CS Bot Enabler   RUN   -    csbot_enabler_mm  v1.0.0    ini  ANY   ANY

Check the server log as well:

CS Bot Enabler v1.0.0
Status: Loaded.
  • If you see nothing, this means plugins.ini of metamod has not been modified. See step 3 above.
  • If you see badf load, make sure you did not do a typo in plugins.ini of metamod. If not, then report the issue.
  • If you see RUN but bots are not available, check the server log. It should give some message errors. This means likely memory path has failed. Keep in mind that it works only on HLDS build >= 5971. Report the issue if you have the right version.