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Moonraker - API Web Server for Klipper

Moonraker is a Python 3 based web server that exposes APIs with which client applications may use to interact with the 3D printing firmware Klipper. Communication between the Klippy host and Moonraker is done over a Unix Domain Socket. Tornado is used to provide Moonraker's server functionality.

Documentation for users and developers can be found on Read the Docs.


Note that Moonraker does not come bundled with a client, you will need to install one. The following clients are currently available:

Raspberry Pi Images

Moonraker is available pre-installed with the following Raspberry Pi images:

Docker Containers

The following projects deploy Moonraker via Docker:

  • prind by mkuf
    • A suite of containers which allow you to run Klipper in Docker. Includes support for OctoPrint and Moonraker.


Please refer to the changelog for a list of notable changes to Moonraker.