Some 3D tools for making previews of 3D objects, or anything else that can be previewed in javascript.
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This is all development information. The site isn't up to par yet, but you can see an example at

rhombik-object-repository is an AGPL licensed object repository, competing in the same sphere as thingiverse, cubehero, youMagine , and bld3r.

What makes rhombik different?

Open source.

If you're one of the independent 3D printer manufacturers like lulzbot, printrbot, or makers tool works; you need to send your users to your competitors website. It was somewhat tolerable before they threw "makerbot" branding all over the site. Now it's not.

So where should they send your users? Most of the alternatives have the potential to go the same way as thingiverse. If you want a platform that isn't going to get baught out by your competitors, you need open source.

We're commited to federation. If rhombik ever goes down or gets baught, you can just take our source and launch a new repo. It will be easy for users to migrate their projects. Don't bet on another horse you don't have control of.

Developer information

Rhombik uses:

  • Django web framework
  • pymarkdown
  • Haystack search
  • Celery queueing
  • selenium for generating thumbnails of javascript previewers
  • ...A bunch more that aren't really important enough to list.

Right now the code base is a bit of a mess. We're big believers in "release early, release often, hopefully get around to writing better some test cases". If you're interested in devloping for this, shoot me an email or visit our irc channel #rhombik on freenode. I can help get you up to speed on the code base. Take a look at the bug list for an idea of what needs doing.

To set up a development enviroment simply

git clone
cd rhombik-object-repository
pip install $(cat requirements.txt)
python syncdb
#follow the prompts to add a new devleoper superuser account to the test DB.
python runserver

Then navigate to http://localhost:8000

Neither of us are proffesional programmers. If you want to know how we did something, please drop us a line. The code is probably pretty skitty, but we're here to explain anything that doesn't make sense.

We would love to restructure this at some point.


This app has all our default views. It also has the basic "project" model.


This app contains the basic structure of our file systems.

It has a "fileobject" model. That model contains the actual uploaded file. Each fileobject gets attached to a project. It has fields for subfolders, and "rendertype" which tells the front end what to use to display a preview and what to use to create a thumbnail. The rendertype field is filled by "thumbnailer.thumbnailer2".

It also has a "thumbobject" model. Each thumbobject is a png preview of a fileobject. It attaches to a fileobject. It gets the actual image from "thumbnailer.thumbnailer2". It's unique for [project, sizex, sizey]. This allows you to generate thumbnails of different sizes for each project.


You pass it an uploadedFile object and a size. It returns an uploadedFile object to use as your thumbnail and a rendertype.


Multiuploader contains the uploader code.