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Voxel Windows Explorer Thumbnails

The Voxels.Setup.exe provides Windows Explorer Thumbnails for:

Here are the MagicaVoxel sample file thumbnails: Windows Explorer Thumbnails

Here are some of Mike Judge's mmmm collections file thumbnails: mmmm Thumbnails

Special thanks to Voxel Artist Zachary Soares for a screenshot of his Qubicle project file thumbnails: ZacharySoares Thumbnails

The library uses SkiaSharp which requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 to be installed. The exe setup does this for you.

PNG and SVG output

The Voxels.CommandLine.exe tool converts .vox files to .png and .svg (512x512). Here is my example wizard.vox file converted:


Command Line Build

  1. Install Visual Studio 2017
  2. Open Voxels.sln
  3. Set Voxels.CommandLine as the startup project
  4. Set Debug -> Command line arguments to be wizard.vox
  5. Press Start in Visual Studio 2017
  6. Open Windows Explorer on the Voxels.CommandLine\bin\Debug directory
  7. There should be two new files: wizard.png and wizard.svg

Setup Build

  1. Install Visual Studio 2017
  2. Open Voxels.sln
  3. Install WiX Toolset v3.11
  4. Install Wix Toolset Visual Studio 2017 Extension
  5. Build Voxels.Setup to create the Voxels.Setup.exe setup file.

Third Party Credits

  1. SkiaSharp - Xamarin C# wrapper for Google's Skia 2D rendering library
  2. SharpShell - Dave Kerr's ShellExtensions Library for .NET
  3. SharpShellTools - Dave Kerr's ShellExtensions Tools for .NET
  4. WiX Toolset - Simple XML based windows installer scripting
  5. Ambient Occlusion algorithm by Mikola Lysenko.
  6. Wix VC++ 2015 Setup gist for installing VC++ 2015 dlls.

The 3x3x3.vox, 8x8x8.vox files are directly from the MagicaVoxel distribution for authentic testing.


  • Add shell context menus to export PNG/SVG interactively